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Shows network usage (similar to "top" for processes)

ntop is a network traffic probe that shows the network usage, similar to what
the popular top Unix command does. ntop is based on libpcap and it has been
written in a portable way in order to virtually run on every Unix platform and
on Win32 as well.

ntop users can use a web browser (e.g. netscape) to navigate through ntop (that
acts as a web server) traffic information and get a dump of the network status.
In the latter case, ntop can be seen as a simple RMON-like agent with an
embedded web interface.

The use of:
- a web interface
- limited configuration and administration via the web interface
- reduced CPU and memory usage (they vary according to network size and traffic)
make ntop easy to use and suitable for monitoring various kind of networks.

Build dependencies

pkgtools/x11-links x11/xorgproto x11/xcb-proto pkgtools/cwrappers devel/glib2-tools devel/libtool-base devel/automake devel/autoconf lang/gawk devel/gmake

Runtime dependencies

devel/py-mako databases/gdbm databases/rrdtool devel/pcre lang/python39 lang/python39 net/GeoIP databases/gdbm databases/rrdtool devel/pcre net/GeoIP

Binary packages


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